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a dit le 30 juin 2019 à 12:40

I did not receive my entire order (order 54171).
No support response by email or ticket.
The livechat is continuously offline even looking at the time difference.
In short … pure scam ..

Je n’ai pas reçu l’intégralité de ma commande (commande 54171).
Aucune réponse du support ni par mail ni par ticket.
Le livechat est continuellement offline même en tenant compte du décalage horaire.
Bref… de la pure arnaque..

Note : 5/5
a dit le 19 avril 2019 à 19:35

Run away from this merchand!!
There is no support. No one answer to your questions.
They gave me a fake key and they didn’t answers to my tickets nor mails.

Don’t buy here!!!

Note : 0.5/5
a dit le 17 avril 2019 à 19:51

Please run away from this vendor!
I bought a key, it doesn’t work, I have tried all the steps but nothing.

I wanted to be refund because I don’t want the key anymore but no one respond to me messages (facebook, the customer support nor the live chat).

So, never buy from this merchand. It’s fake!

Note : 0.05/5
a dit le 25 février 2019 à 19:33


Key doesn’t work after follow the notice and install w10 pro completly. Anyone response to me and the site is actualy offline and unusable.

Did I lost my money now ? I think yes…

My order 28735 maybe someone send me an valid key one day ?

Note : 0.5/5
a dit le 27 février 2019 à 17:41

Hello bernisage,

Normally cdkeydeals have already send the refund for this issue. If not please contact our live chat to forward them the informations.

Best regards,
Goclecd Support

Note : 5/5
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