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Bienvenue dans les loteries de Goclecd

Participate in Goclecd ‘s lotteries and no longer pay for your  video games . Register on our loyalty program . Collect points and participate in  lotteries.  Earn coins usable on . Join us on our sites in France , Germany , Spain , United States , Europe , Italy , Portugal , Netherlands . 

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WIN 30 COINS Steamkeybox

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Ticket Buy Price: 100000 Points
Ticket Refund Price: 100000 Points
Total User Participation: 615
Total Ticket Sold: 3276
Winning Chances per Ticket: 0.305‰
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Draw Date Winners
#519 24 mars 2018 12 h 16 min
  1. hrvoje-grubisic4




About is truly the future of the Allkeyshop rewards program. This site allows you to turn your own custom with you!

Here’s how it works:

With your COINS, you can choose a game that you can play in the game of the wheel (the price of the game is equivalent to the price of the wheel).

You can place seven (7) games of your choice. Just click on a chart on the wheel, and you will be taken to a popup menu containing a list of games that you can choose from.

The eighth place on the wheel (30 ¢) is only for Premium games. The games you can place on this slot must be greater than the cost of the wheel. Note, however, that a large difference between the game and the wheel will reduce your chances of winning.

Once finished, place the games you like, just spin the wheel by clicking on the button in the center of the wheel, and you will be able to choose one of the games!

Read THE RULES OF THE GAME for complete information on

Do you want more COINS  ? Join the loyalty program and earn points!


  1. Calvin says
    6 mars 2018, 20 h 57 min
    Pas noté

    Very nice lotery, nice system and I think this site has reasonable prices.

  2. gelus_77 says
    30 janvier 2018, 17 h 29 min

    J’ai gagné pour la deuxième fois hier, alors je suis très heureux et je vous souhaite à tous d’être gagnants au moins une fois!

  3. gelus_77 says
    18 janvier 2018, 14 h 52 min

    Aujourd’hui, il y a quelques bonnes offres Top autour, vérifiez-les!

  4. gelus_77 says
    17 janvier 2018, 14 h 25 min

    Très beau système de loterie, de nombreuses opportunités de profit. Je vous remercie!


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